This is a FREE training webinar for 
licensed/regulated health practitioners, health coaches, nutritionists and fit pro’s. 
The 3 Secrets To Partnering & Profiting In The Medical Community SO You Can Maximize Referrals & Minimize Your Marketing Efforts. 
...Even if you have little client experience, no proven program to offer and are unsure of how you fit into the medical model. 
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Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 2:00pm EST.

Lori Kennedy

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Mom & Founder of The Wellness Business Academy & The Wellness Business Summit
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Here’s What You’ll Learn: 
  • Secret # 1: Uncover the little known ‘coaching’ opportunity and why now is the perfect time to partner with the medical community, even if you have little client experience. 
  • Secret # 2: How to effectively position yourself to partner with medical professionals so you can maximize referrals and minimize your marketing efforts.
  • Secret # 3: The ONE ‘common sense’ mistake to avoid when partnering with medical professionals and what to do instead. 
  • BONUS: During the LIVE webinar I’ll be giving away an email template that you can use as an introduction email to easily get your foot in the ‘medical professionals’ door. 
WARNING: There will NOT be a webinar replay, so it's impretive you make it to one of the live calls.
This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!
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